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Custom Wood Flooring

Design a Masterpiece

Say Goodbye to Boring

Unleash your creativity to design custom flooring that thrills your most discerning custom home owners and high profile commercial clients.

We love helping dealers, architects, and designers create one-of-a-kind floors that impress your clients and keep you at the top of the list for the biggest and most prestigious projects.

Character Select & Better

Nail the Look

Get the perfect look with the grade suited best for your project:

Character Grade – is milled from a #1 or #2 common grade of lumber. This grade will have tight knots and mineral streaking or natural color variations for a more rustic floor.

Select & Better Grade – has very few if any knots, mineral streaks, or worm holes. This grade is milled from a higher grade of hardwood lumber.

Specialty Flooring Options

hand distressed flooring

Hand Distressed

Give your floors an artisan style with custom hand distressed texture. 

pegged flooring


Choose from round or square pegged flooring for an old world flair.

wirebrushed wood flooring

Wire Brushed

Choose light, medium, or heavy wire brushing to create a weathered look.

skip sawn flooring

Skip Sawn

Skip sawn flooring preserves some of the raw, rugged looks from the mill.

band sawn flooring

Band Sawn

Band sawn flooring gives interiors a rustic, natural look with straight lines.

circle sawn wood flooring

Circle Sawn

Circle sawn flooring shows the characteristics of the older more traditional circle sawn mill.

Pick the perfect wood for your project.



Other wood species available upon request.

Get floors that wow your customers.